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APTA 2014

Conference Report

The 20th Asia Pacific Tourism Association Annual Conference at Rex Hotel – Ho Chi Minh City was held from July 1 to 4, 2014. The conference was a great success, helping participants realize its topic, “Development of Regional Tourism by Collaboration Between Public Sector and Academics in Asia Pacific Region”. A total of 164 valuable delegates and board members came from 16 different countries or regions (Korea, USA, Australia, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Iran, New Zealand, Macao, UK, Vietnam, and France). The participants were from various fields. They were academics, researchers, industry professionals, and city/government officials.


Many interesting papers (112 papers) in various fields (e.g., Tourism development, Asian Trends in Tourism & Hospitality, Tourism Destination Management, HRM in Tourism & Hospitality, Heritage Tourism, Medical Tourism, Education in Tourism & Hospitality, Tourist Behavior, Corporate Social Responsibility/Volunteer Tourism, Hotel/Lodging Management, Tourism Policy, Restaurant Management, ICT in Tourism & Hospitality, Attraction Management) were presented at the conference.

Among 112 papers presented, The Best Paper Awards were given to Jennifer Min, Hsien-Hung Kung, Janet Chang and Shu-Hua Chen for their paper “Testing the structural Break of Taiwan Tourism Markets”, and to EunHa Jeong and SooCheong (Shawn) Jang for their paper “Effects of Psychological Benefits of Travel & Life Satisfaction on Travel Intention”.  The Dr. Hai Sik Sohn (Conference founder) Award was given to Eunju Suh and Matt Alhaery for their paper “Predictiong Cross-Gaming propensity using CHAID analysis”.

Overall, the APTA 2014 Ho Chi Minh City Conference undoubtedly promoted more exchanges between tourism industries in Asia-Pacific.  In addition, this conference provided ample academic spaces and opportunities for the tourism/hospitality scholars and industry professionals to share and exchange their research outcomes and ideas.  The venue for the APTA 2015 Conference will be Malaysia.


Dr. Hai-Sik Sohn Award

-Suh, E. & Alhaery, M. “Predictiong Cross-Gaming propensity using CHAID analysis”

Best Papers

-Min., J., Kung, H.-H., Chang, J., & Chen, S.-H. “Testing the structural Break of Taiwan Tourism Markets”

-Jeong, E. & Jang, S. “Effects of Psychological Benefits of Travel & Life Satisfaction on Travel Intention”

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