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Welcome to APTA

APTA (Asia Pacific Tourism Association) is devoted to the tourism and hospitality research in the area of Asia Pacific. APTA annual conference has a tradition of interesting and productive academic  meetings in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere, attracting leading researchers in a variety of fields of tourism and hospitality.

APTA 2023
Chiang Mai, Thailand

July 05 - July 08, 2023

APTA 2023 Chiang Mai Conference

Organized by:

APTA, Chiang Mai University

 The Asia Pacific Tourism Association (APTA) is an internationally acclaimed association in the field of tourism and hospitality. A conference is held annually and a SSCI listed journal (Asia Pacific Journal of Tourism Research, APJTR) is published. Its quality research papers are distributed all over the world.

APTA has an unique organizational structure with national/regional representatives. National/regional representatives take the role of Board Members of APTA. ...


For membership inquiry

  Dr. Dae-Young Kim


For general Inquiry:

  Dr. Kwang-Ho Lee


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